Briquetting press for metal shavings Y83-250 Wanshida



y83 – 250 Wanshida scrap metal Briquetting press

Briquetting press Y83-250 is mostly used in factories for the production of aluminum alloy, steel production, plants for the melting of copper, etc., the Equipment compresses the metal waste into briquettes for subsequent melting. Briquettes are more convenient for melting compared to steel scrap, cast iron, aluminum ingots and copper waste. The use of equipment can reduce the loss of material during melting, significantly increasing the efficiency of recycling of metal waste.

Briquetting press is equipped with a system of manual control or automatic control. In addition, the material supply system is also selected by the customer. Without heating and without any additives, this equipment presses various kinds of powder or granular cast iron, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, molybdenum and other metal materials into high density cylindrical briquettes that do not disintegrate immediately after entering the melting furnace.

1 Main front briquetting cylinder Model YG340/290-330 Tact 330 mm
nominal pushing force 2100 kN Quantity 1 PC.
2 Main rear briquetting cylinder Model YG140/90-340 Tact 340 mm
nominal pushing force 400 kN Quantity 1 PC.
3 Ejector cylinder Model YG110/60-150 Tact 150 mm
nominal pushing force 145 kN Quantity 1 PC.
4 Cylinder Model YG80/50-250 Tact 250 mm
nominal pushing force 80 kN Quantity 1 PC.
5 operating cycle Time 20
6 die Size f100mm×170mm
7 briquette Size f100mm×(50-80) mm
8 hydraulic system Operating pressure 25.0 MPa
9 Engine Model Y180L-4 rated speed 1470 PCs.
Power 22 kW Quantity 1 PC.
10 Hydraulic pump Model 80YCY14-1B Pressure 31.5 MPa
flow Characteristics 80 ml/vol Quantity 1 PC.
11 Weight 5500 kg

In the absence of heating or any additives, briquetting press is suitable for pressing a variety of loose and powdery materials into cylindrical briquettes of high density. Bracketry suitable for processing of waste steel scrap, cast iron, lead, aluminum, waste copper, magnesium, titanium and molybdenum.

The equipment is designed to simplify the work of recycling, melting, storage and transportation of metal chips. In addition, the use of our briquetters reduces energy costs and losses during the melting process, thus increasing the utilization rate of waste.

These products are often used in aluminum alloy, steel, aluminum, copper foundries, etc. factories.

equipment Design
Briquetting press has a vertical or horizontal design. Therefore, vertical briquetting presses are not equipped with a feed cylinder. The briquette diameter can be selected by the user (within a certain range). The working force of the equipment is from 200 to 315 tons, the machine has a welded frame or four columns. In models with a force of more than 500 tons, four columns are used.

Method of operation
The briquetting press has manual control, automatic operation or automatic continuous operation. The user can choose the system with PLC to control the automatic operations.

1. Thanks to the hydraulic drive in the device of the machine provides stability and reliability of working processes.
2. The vertical model of equipment requires a simplified base, while the horizontal machine does not require a base for installation.
3. Briquetting press has a control system with PLC, which provides protection against interference, high level of automation and ease of operation.
4. Depending on the requirements of users, this product is equipped with an automatic feeding and unloading device to improve efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of production.
5. In the absence of power supply at the facility, the equipment can operate from a diesel engine.