Hydraulic press for scrap metal Y83-250 Wanshida

Гидравлический пресс для металлолома Y83-250 Wanshida
Hydraulic press for scrap metal Y83-250 Wanshida



Baling Press Y83-250 Wanshida

Baling press for metal scrap Y83-250 is the model with the tilting terminal packages. It is mainly used in smelting plants of medium and large capacity, metal processing and scrap processing. This product is in great demand among customers in Russia and Ukraine, due to its reliability, practicality, and low cost.

Advantages of this type of baling presses scrap metal - manual operation, low failure rate and high efficiency. The hourly capacity of the baling press is within the range of 5 to 8 tons. The pressing chamber has dimensions of 2000 mm × 1400 mm × 900 mm & 2000 mm × 1750 mm × 1200 mm. package dimensions are 500 mm × 500 mm. Two press modifications are available: 60 kW or 74 kW. For more information, please contact our sales Department.

1Main hydraulic cylinderModelYG340/220-950Tact950 mm
Maximum force2500 kNQuantity1 PC.
2Side hydraulic cylinderModelYG220/160-1560Tact1560 mm
Maximum force1000 kN×2Quantity2 PCs.
3press cover CylinderModelYG200/140-1350Tact1350 mm
Maximum force800 kNQuantity1 PC.
4Tilting cylinderModelYG125/80-395Tact395 mm
Maximum force80 kNQuantity1 PC.
5camera Size (D×W×H)2000mm×1400mm×900mm
6hydraulic system Pressure25 MPa (Maximum pressure 27 MPa)
7oil tank Volume2160 l
8Thickness also packageable materialCommon metal
9package Size(450~800)mm×500mm×500mm
10package Density≥ 1800 kg/m3
11operating cycle TimeAbout 120 s
12EngineModelY225M-6rated speed980 rpm
Power30kWQuantity2 PCs.
13Oil engineModel160YCY14-1BPressure31.5 MPa
flow Characteristics160 ml/volQuantity2 PCs.
overall dimensions4800×4600×2800
14Weight19.5 tons