The press shears for scrap metal Y83Q-4000G2 Wanshida

Пресс-ножницы для металлолома Y83Q-4000G2 Wanshida
The press shears for scrap metal Y83Q-4000G2 Wanshida



metal scrap Shears WSD-4000G2 Wanshida

Packaging shears for scrap metal WSD-4000G2 are the ideal equipment for medium and large scale scrap processing plants, metal smelters and other Equipment in demand in Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, India and other countries. We assist clients in the installation and debugging of equipment and provide training lessons and other services.

the Press shears are equipped with a cutting cover on the pressing chamber, the width of which reaches 1500 mm. the Dimensions of the pressing chamber and the package are selected depending on the production requirements of customers. Depending on the operating conditions at the user's site, a conventional Cummins engine or diesel engine is installed.

We provide one year warranty for this equipment. The warranty period can be extended at the request of customers. You can get more information about the product by contacting our specialized sales Department.

1cutting CylinderModelYG450/320-520Tact520 mm
Maximum force4000 kNQuantity1 PC.
2Clamping cylinderModelYG140/100-495Tact495 mm
Maximum force400kn×2Quantity2 PCs.
3Side hydraulic cylinderModelYG240/160-1160Tact1160 mm
Maximum force1150kn×2Quantity2 PCs.
4Cylinder with coverModelYG200/140-1420Tact1420 mm
Maximum force800kn×2Quantity2 PCs.
5Ejector cylinderModelYG200/140-3750Tact3750 mm
Maximum force800 kNQuantity1 PC
6pressing Chamber (D×W×B)3000mm×1500mm×700mm
7bagged metal Size (D×W×H)(300~3000)mm×400mm×400mm
10cutting Speed2-3 cuts/min
 blade Length500 mm
11Cut profiles (mm)

Square steel profile: 90×90, angular profile: 180×180×15 (3pcs), round steel: Φ100, I-profile: 320×132×11.5, sheet steel: 30×450, P-profile: 320×90×10

12Thickness of processed material≤3 mm
13Performance1.5-2.5 t/h
14hydraulic system Operating pressure25.0(15.0)MPa
15Hydraulic oil cooling modemanually operated Air cooler
16EngineModelY225S-4rated speed1480 rpm
Power37 kWQuantity2 PCs.
17Plunger pumpModelHY160Y-RPPressure31.5 MPa
flow Characteristics160 ml/volQuantity2 PCs.
19power Supply380V/ 50 Hz    In accordance with the requirements of the client
21overall dimensions (D×W×H)9100mm×4500mm×3400mm
22WeightAbout 44 tons


the WSD Series scrap metal shears are developed on the basis of integration of the advanced technologies used in the basis of work of similar products of domestic and foreign production, and also taking into account requirements of clients, and production capacity of our enterprise.

Press shears for scrap metal processing are equipped with a hydraulic drive system and operate in manual or automatic CNC mode. Parameters such as the size of the pressing chamber, the package and the pressing mode are selected depending on the production requirements of the user. Our equipment is equipped with an electric or diesel engine depending on the required power or features of further operation. We also offer assistance in the installation and debugging of equipment and training of personnel.

Baling press shear suitable for cold pressing of various metal materials with thickness less than 3 mm in rectangular packages. in Addition, the press shears allow you to cut rectangular packages of the required length, including steel profile length of not more than 5 meters. The machine is also ideal for batch production in metal smelters.

1. The press shears have a compact structure and light weight. In addition to the small inertia of movement and low noise, this equipment is also characterized by low power consumption, ease of installation, high level of safety and reliability.
2. With the integration of hydraulic and electrical control, the equipment is well protected against overload.
3. The machine has a wide range of applications. It can work as technological equipment in metal processing and metal-smelting industry.

During operation of the clamping cylinder of the pressing shears, the pressing head acts as a locking door. Users must put the waste to be Packed into the pressing chamber manually or mechanically. By pressing the automatic start button, the clamping cylinders located on the left and right are started separately to move the left and right clamping Board, to block the hole of the pressing chamber. The pushing cylinder moves forward pushing the waste, thus way pressing them into packages.

the press head is Then opened. Device removal packages pushes the package at a certain distance to implement cutting cutting cylinder. This cycle of operations is repeated without stopping until a 600 mm long package is formed. Then the cutting is completed. When the press head is working, the package output device returns to its original position. After the left and right clamping plates are opened again, automatic packaging is performed.

to continue the working cycle, press the automatic start button on the press shears again.